Some volunteers are natural-born fund raisers!

Annual Walk for Life. We need someone to organize this fundraising event, which places an important, public focus on the millions of unborn children whose lives have been tragically cut short.

BABY BOTTLE BOOMERANG is a great way to raise money for New Beginnings. Here’s how it works… Churches announce to their congregations that New Beginnings will be having a Baby Bottle Boomerang. On a set date, the bottles are available to pick up on a table at church. Exactly four Sundays later, the bottles are brought back to the table, and we come by and pick them up. It is a simple way to raise funds. Some folks fill bottles year round. A bottle with mostly silver coins can have as much as $35.00 in it! A bottle filled with pennies can equal $10-11. Please encourage your church to allow us to announce this event in the bulletin and to have bottles available for pick up. Bottles are always at the Center any time.