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January 18 March for Life Huge Success!!!

The January 18 March For Life event organized by New Beginnings Pregnancy and Parenting Center far exceeded our expectations.  The numbers continued to swell, until everyone finally agreed there were over 300 people who participated! God blessed us over and over throughout the day, and even before the event.   God, the Inventor and Master of […]

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Payson March for Life

New Beginnings Pregnancy and Parenting Center is organizing our own PAYSON MARCH FOR LIFE 2020 event to be held January 18, 2020! We hope to attract as many Pro-Life citizens as possible to simply stand on the sidewalks along Rt. 87 and hold positive Pro-Life signs.  It’s helpful if people make their own simple signs with a brief […]

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A Tale of Two Brains

At New Beginnings, we educate parents on the important roles that both moms and dads play in their family. When men and women understand and appreciate how differently their brains think and work, it makes for a harmonious outcome. Children benefit from this enriching experience! However, if moms and dads don’t understand this, there will […]

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STDs increased for the fifth consecutive year, reaching all-time high

According to the annual Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance Report, STDs increased for the fifth consecutive year – with nearly 2.5 million combined cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. Cases of congenital syphilis – syphilis passed from a mother to her baby during pregnancy– increased 40 percent from 2017-2018. Congenital syphilis can result in miscarriage, stillbirth, […]

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By the numbers

161 –> Clients participating in our program. 29 –> Clients doing Bible Studies. 730 –> Individual Education appointments completed. 58 –> Free pregnancy tests provided (46 were positive). 3 –> Clients who accepted Jesus at New Beginnings with their counselor. 1781 –> Homework assignments completed. 8066 –> Diapers purchases by clients using their Parenting Points. […]

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