January 18 March for Life Huge Success!!!

The January 18 March For Life event organized by New Beginnings Pregnancy and Parenting Center far exceeded our expectations.  The numbers continued to swell, until everyone finally agreed there were over 300 people who participated!

God blessed us over and over throughout the day, and even before the event.   God, the Inventor and Master of Coincidence, surely planned the timing of the film UNPLANNED to occur on the same day as our March.   The day was sunnier and warmer than forcasted, and all attendees were joyful!  It was perfect for a sign waving!

According to Sawmill Theater manager Craig Triphahn, over 200 people attended the 10 am showing of UNPLANNED, before taking their Pro Life signs and lining up on both sidewalks along Highway 87, from Bonita Street all the way past Chili’s Restaurant.

From 12 Noon until 2 pm, Rim Country’s amazing citizens held up positive Pro Life signs and waved cheerfully at motorists driving through Payson.  One attendee estimated there were about 4,500 vehicles that passed by our signs that read Choose Life; Unborn Lives Matter; Thank You to My Son’s Birth Mother;  Adoption is an Option; Choose Life–Your Mother Did;  Life Begins at Conception;  Abortion Regret, Jesus Loves You, and many other life-affirming messages.  Some of the signs read HONK 4 LIFE, and as semi-trucks, cars, Jeeps, pick-ups, and motorcycles passed by, the honking hardly ever stopped!

(I will never again complain about the traffic on the Beeline!) PRAISE THE LORD!

New Beginnings volunteers also set up two large, 10-foot banners that read MARCH FOR LIFE, near the Post Office and another in front of By the Bucket.  (Try the meatball sandwich.  Heavenly.)

Roving reporter Pamela Newman of KPIH 98.9 radio conducted live on-site interviews and commentary that were broadcasted by Deacon Tom Fox.  She did an awesome job and included a brief interview with Lori Mills, the Vice President of New Beginnings.  Lori is also the manager of the New Beginnings Nook Thrift Shop.

I was going through the crowd pushing a baby stroller carrying signs to hand out, bottles of water, baby Mum-Mum snacks, and hand warmers (totally not needed on this lovely day), chatting with and thanking folks, all the way from Bonita to Speedway and back.  (The honking sounded like angels singing.)

Virtually every church was represented, including Calvary Chapel, Ponderosa Bible Church, Church for the Nations, St. Philip the Apostle Parish and the Holy Nativity Catholic Church, Mountain Bible Church,  Church on the Street, Expedition, Shepherd of the Pines Lutheran Church, and more!  Several members of the Gila County Republican Committee helped spread the word and also attended, carrying Pro Life and Trump signs, reminding passersby that he’s the only Pro Life candidate running for president.

There were lots of teens joyfully carrying signs, walking together, first on one side of 87, then the other, and back again.  They were on the move constantly!

There were kids as young as 3 years old on up to elderly citizens in wheelchairs, faithfully holding their signs and waving.

We were all “pumped and so thankful for the joyful enthusiasm”!

We gave away every sign we made, bought, and received from many talented donors!

The first March for Life was held on January 22, 1974 in Washington, DC.  It marked the 1st anniversary of the United States Supreme Court case Roe v Wade that legalized abortion nationwide.  That which was supposed to be “safe, legal, and rare” has taken over 61 million innocent lives since the 1973 ruling.  (The “Abortion Counter” tallies abortions in real time.)

March for Life events have been held in Washington DC and across the country every year since.  This year, Arizona held marches throughout the state on January 18.

However, there is wonderful news, giving us cause to celebrate.  The good news is that the abortion rate has gone down dramatically (53%) since 1980!  This is attributed to: 1) Changes in Public Attitudes Toward Abortion as more Americans are identifying as Pro Life2) More assistance than ever to women through pregnancy help centers; and 3) Enactment of  protective laws (especially in Arizona!).  See US abortion rate has been cut in half since 1980 because of pro-life efforts.

New Beginnings Pregnancy and Parenting Center is a pro-life, non-profit 501(c)(3) Christian ministry providing free assistance to anyone experiencing a planned or unplanned pregnancy, from early pregnancy through labor and delivery.  Through our all-volunteer staff, we also provide free lay counseling and curriculum to all of our clients, whether they are female or male, together or apart, step-parents, or grand-parents.  Our curriculum also includes life skills, relationships, sexual integrity, abortion healing, and much more.  Clients earn points for taking classes they can then use to purchase items in our Parenting Shops, or to purchase gift cards to local businesses.

Very simply, we reflect the love of Jesus Christ.

Thank you to all of our donors!  New Beginnings survives entirely on donations of  time, material items to stock our two Parenting Shops, and money.  Without you, we wouldn’t be here, and this event wouldn’t have been possible.    Thank you to all the attendees and our Center and Nook volunteers!  Thank you Deacon Tom, Pam, and KPIH 98.9 for faithfully supporting us.  Thank you KMOG for providing a 30-minute segment on the Forum as well as Public Service Announcements.  Thank you Printing by George for excellent printing and discounts.  Thank you to students of Payson Christian School for their handmade signs. Thank you Church for the Nations for letting us use your building for sign making.  Thank you Ponderosa Bible for letting us use your church for sign making.  Thank you to our faithful Board of Directors for your leadership and wisdom.

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