Abortion Recovery

Sadly, 54 percent of women who have abortions identify as Christians.

We know that many of these Christian women were very desperate.  They were lied to by the abortion providers who devalued and dehumanized the wondrous child growing within their bodies.  They were lied to about the dangers.  They were convinced that abortion is important to “women’s health.”  They were never told that the decision to abort their own baby would haunt them and cause them a lifetime of anguish and sorrow.    New Beginnings lay counselors, some of whom have had an abortion themselves, offer healing and hope.  We have educational materials that help you understand that no one is outside the love of God, and that you will hold your baby in Heaven.

Abortion advocates “want to silence” women who regret abortion.  Read more here.

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Finding Forgiveness After Abortion.  A pastor recounts how he helped a former girlfriend choose abortion and the grace and mercy he found through Jesus Christ soon afterward.